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Women of the Calgary Bat-Yam Women’s Centre


This past week I visited the Calgary Bat-Yam Women’s Centre. I always love visiting CHW projects, and the Calgary Bat-Yam Women’s Centre is a particularly special place. The women are always so happy to have visitors, and are very welcoming.


Two of the women I spoke with at Calgary’s Bat-Yam Women’s Centre. Bat-Yam has been around since the mid-1940s, when it started teaching home classes for local women 

During this particular visit, I ended up speaking with the women about Passover. As the holiday is quickly approaching, it was a hot topic among the women. They shared stories and fond memories of Passover celebrations over the years. As many of the women at the Centre were not born in Israel, each has their own unique Passover traditions.

We spoke about how everyone is preparing for the holiday and, of course, I received many invitations to the Seders! We shared laughs about how much time is spent in the kitchen, finding unique matzah recipes, and so much more. 

It was so special to hear the women’s stories. I am sure that we will all have wonderful memories to reflect on about the coming Passover celebration. 

To find out more about the Calgary Bat-Yam Women’s Centre, you can Go Here


A group shot taken during my visit to Calgary’s Bat-Yam Women’s Centre. It was wonderful to see the difference this CHW funded institution has made in their lives

Tu B’Av – Love Day

This week we celebrated Tu B’Av, the Israeli version of Valentine’s Day. What makes this holiday different from Valentine’s Day is that it is not only a romantic holiday. Tu B’Av is a time to be with all of your loved ones, from family to friends! On this wonderful holiday, you show your loved ones how much they are cared for. Everyone comes together to celebrate their love!

On Tu B’Av I like to reflect on the many lives that CHW touches. At our daycare centres we provide a home-like environment for children. At Hadassim Youth Village and Nahalal we provide secure and loving places for children and teenagers. At Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital and Assaf Harofeh Medical Center we ensure patients and families receive care and comfort. At our shelters and the Calgary Bat-Yam Women’s Centre we provide a warm, welcoming, and safe place for women and the elderly.    

At CHW we strive to provide love and care to children, teenagers, women, and the elderly. It is wonderful to see all the love and warmth on this holiday and to know that CHW has a large role in ensuring that people throughout Israel are receiving the same treatment! Tu B’Av reminds us of the special people that we have in our life and how lucky we are!

Children celebrate Tu B’av at the Sandy Martin Daycare Centre in Ramat Hasharon.


A mother with her two children who underwent IVF at Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital.

Sometimes, a Clown Makes all the Difference

I will never forget one of my first visits to the Assaf Harofeh Medical Center when I came across one of their medical clowns.  From a distance, I didn’t really understand what I was looking at. Oversized pants, fairy wings, and big red hair- this was not your typical patient. Once she turned around and began approaching me though, it was clear I was staring at a medical clown! Patch Adams here I come! I was excited to have my first interaction with a medical clown, despite having heard much about them. Thankfully, I have always been healthy enough to have never had the chance to meet one before now.
Medical Clowns

The Beatrice Mazoff Brownstein Scholarship - Avivit’s Work

Avivit Vitkin couldn’t have been more pleased to answer the phone in her mom’s home in Afula, where she lives.

The call was to inform her that she was this year’s recipient of the Beatrice Mazoff Brownstein Scholarship. The first year fashion design student at the Neri Bloomfield Academy of Design was so thankful and grateful to have been chosen to receive such a gift. Working evenings and weekends as a waitress Avivit struggles to save up all the money she needs for her tuition and all of the materials the course demands. She must also help support the household income as her single mother is unemployed.  

"It’s like it fell down to me from the sky.  People I have never heard of and will probably never meet decided to help me." She was so touched by the generosity of strangers- a reoccurring theme in CHW’s history as most of the Israelis CHW helps throughout the years will never meet the volunteers and donors who make so much possible for them.

Only in her first year, Avivit already has a lot of be proud of.  See what she has been working on in the pictures below.

Beatrice Mazoff Brownstein z’l   Scholarship

This yearly scholarship was funded by Sara Mazoff Millman z’l, devoted sister to Beatrice Mazoff Brownstein z’l.
Beatrice grew up in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Beatrice can be best described as a warm and considerate daughter, sister, wife and aunt. She was of modest means and circumstances, yet made a successful career in the retail fashion industry. She was a woman of valour who tried her best to be consistently engaged in acts of loving kindness.
In 1985, a scholarship fund was established to honour the life of Beatrice Mazoff Brownstein z’l. Through annual scholarships, it is hoped that the importance of each recipient’s accomplishments is reinforced and that young people will be assisted in overcoming whatever obstacles are in their paths on their quest to build better lives for themselves and their families.
May Beatrice’s memory always be for a blessing.

Avivit's Work

Avivit's Work

Avivit's Work

Nitsa Begins a New Chapter

"When Nitsa Skolnik came to the medical centre for testing, she received word that she was cancer-free. However, her reaction to this information was not one of overwhelming appreciation and joy. Employees at the centre were both puzzled and bewildered as Nitsa left the institute withdrawn and low spirited.

Later that day, the medical staff came across a note from Nitsa, explaining her odd behaviour. She was, as it turns out, quite thankful to the Breast Care Institute for handling her body with respect and care throughout her check-up. She explained that the reason she was despondent when given her test results was because she was living a nightmare of sexual abuse at the hands of the man who was supposed to love and protect her.”

Sarah's Safe Haven

"Sarah* was no stranger to domestic violence. It was as much a part of her daily life as doing the laundry or taking her children to school. The turning point came only one day when her husband called to tell her to come home quickly to see the death of himself and their daughters. He had tried to take his own life and the lives of their children, forcing them to ingest poison through their baby bottles."

Through CHW’s Annual Campaign, your support provides opportunities for countless women and children like Sarah and her daughters, so they can change lives
affected by tragedy, into lives with a second chance.

The WIZO Shelter has given me the best support I ever had in my life and it has restored my strength. I have received guidance on how to continue life as a single mom and to make it outside once I leave here.
(*Name changed to protect identity; currently in a WIZO Shelter) Read more about WIZO shelters.
Above all else, there is no better feeling than providing women and children in dire need with the help they otherwise may not receive.
Nurit Kaufmann, Head of World WIZO’s Violent Matters Department
Read about the challenges faced by a worker on the front lines at a WIZO shelter.
Meet Dr. Tami Karni, Senior Surgeon and Director of the CHW M. Fanny Comprehensive Breast Care Institute, Deputy Chairperson to the Ethics Department of the Israeli Medical Association and Chairperson of the Medical Committee for Publicity and Press.
Read about Dr. Karni’s work at Assaf Harofeh Medical Center.

Meet Dr. Tami Karni, Senior Surgeon and Director of the CHW M. Fanny Comprehensive Breast Care Institute, Deputy Chairperson to the Ethics Department of the Israeli Medical Association and Chairperson of the Medical Committee for Publicity and Press.

Read about Dr. Karni’s work at Assaf Harofeh Medical Center.