CHW Netanya: Student’s Showcased in Tnuva Magazine

Matan Shteinzltz and Shai Ben-Hayon are two students from the Patisserie Stream at the CHW Netanya Technological High School, and were recently featured in Tnuva Magazine. Tnuva is one of the leading suppliers of dairy products in Israel, Europe and the United States. For over 80 years, Tnuva has made Mediterranean-style dairy products in Israel’s Galilean Hills. As the company grew, they began producing a monthly magazine, and are featuring promising students from CHW Netanya.

Matan, whose Challah bread recipe received a 5-star rating in the magazine, shared with us how proud his family is of this accomplishment. “My family was so excited for me to be published in Tnuva Magazine. My mom has saved the recipe and even tried to make it herself,” he shared.

And Shai also feels great pride in his accomplishment. His now infamous Orange and Chocolate Mousse dessert received a 4-star rating, and he always gets requests to make it for family and friends.

Nurit Peled, a teacher at CHW Netanya, expressed to us how important is it for these young students to receive the honour of being featured in the magazine, as it boosts their self-confidence and allows the public to see how talented these students are. 

In light of the current situation in Israel, this week’s entry focuses on the reality of what is happening in the country: on-going sirens and the threat of missiles. On a daily basis, those living in Israel have been subject to loud sirens signalling missiles being launched at the country. In this video, you can clearly hear the sirens sounding multiple times, followed by large booms as the Iron Dome intercepts missiles.

These are the same sounds heard by the children in CHW’s daycare centres and youth villages. These are the same sounds that wake the children up in the middle of the night. Sadly, they are learning at a young age the need to act fast and seek shelter for their safety.

The CHW Neri Bloomfield Academy of Design provides enriching opportunities to students, allowing them to develop current skills in their respective field. With the school year now complete, students are eagerly awaiting their final grades for their year-end projects.

Third year students in Visual Communications were given a year-end project to create a mobile or tablet application, also known as an ‘app’, which would allow users to legally download music. Idan Yaniv work stood out amongst his class, as he invented an app that allows users to share their song catalogues with others on a communal network. Check out the video above for a demonstration of Idan’s app.

CHW Neri Bloomfield Academy of Design Graduates Are on a Path to Success

Students at the CHW Neri Bloomfield Academy of Design are preparing for professional careers, while nurturing their individual creativity. This holds especially true for Heli Kalkstein and Yael Ginzburgski-Eisenberg, two recent graduates of the Fashion Design program who have embarked on a path to success.

Heli and Yael

Upon graduating, a few short years ago, Heli and Yael, opened a bridal and evening gown boutique in Tel Aviv. Named Eisen-Stein, an amalgamation of the owners’ last names, the boutique has achieved success since its opening. Together, the duo make gowns exclusively from their own designs, and today, their creations are highly sought after.



CHW Hadassim: Coaching for Life

CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village is one of many youth villages in Israel that participates in Coaching for Life, a unique program designed for Ethiopian children who live in dormitories and are in need of positive role models. Coaching for Life is a mentorship program that pairs an Ethiopian child with an adult who is trained to assist them with the social, emotional, behavioural and academic challenges they may face. 


CHW Hadassim has a large population of Ethiopian children residing in the dormitories and family units, and the Coaching for Life program has a remarkably positive impact on the well-being of the children living there. The program runs for the duration of the school year, and culminates with a ceremony honouring those who participate.

This recently took place at CHW Hadassim. The evening kicked off with the presentation of a touching film that documented the Ethiopian Aliyah. Connecting to CHW’s Annual Campaign theme, Today’s Dream Tomorrow’s Reality, the film highlighted the dream of Ethiopian Jews to come to Israel for a better life.


Mr. Abraham Harari, mayor of Even Yehuda, where CHW Hadassim is located, spoke about the unwavering support and the pride the city has towards the children living on the youth village. Dr. Carmela Dekel, Chairperson of the Education Division at World WIZO specifically acknowledged and thanked CHW for their support of CHW Hadassim.


In an effort to thank their mentors, the children prepared special performances of traditional Ethiopian dances. The dancing and music brought everyone to their feet. In turn, the mentors took the stage to commend the children on their dedication to the program and the incredible growth that they witnessed throughout the year.


A highlight of the evening was the appearance of Titi Aynaw, winner of the 2013 Miss Israel pageant. Titi, the first African Miss Israel, has been a positive role model for the children at CHW Hadassim. As a young girl, Titi made Aliyah after her parent’s death in order to live with her grandparents. Shortly after arriving in Israel, she moved into the dormitory of a youth village to receive better care. Her positive outlook on life as well as her incredible success has motivated and inspired the children at CHW Hadassim. Titi spoke eloquently to the audience, and specifically to the children, encouraging them to dream big and pursue their goals because with hard work it is possible. She humbly urged them to look at her story any time they feel the need for inspiration.


Through this program, special relationships and bonds are created. Over the course of the year children and mentors bond with one another; becoming family to one another. As a result of Coaching for Life, the children have gained the confidence and skills needed to succeed. Many graduates of this program go on to achieve high ranks in the army, attend excellent universities, and fulfill their dreams of having successful futures. 


CHW’s Sandy Martin Alberta Daycare Centre offers an impressive music program that is enjoyed by the children, as well as by their parents.

The children’s singing, dancing and playing of instruments is always entertaining, and it is remarkable to see how interested and inspired the children are in learning through music.

Please enjoy this video of the children at their most recent music lesson.

Recently, Lag Ba’Omer was celebrated in Israel. Lag Ba’Omer marks the death of Rabbi Shomin bar Yochai, and the day on which he revealed the deepest secrets of kabbalah in the form of the Zohar, a landmark text of Jewish mysticism.
Many customs take place on this day, including the lighting of bonfires and BBQs, as well as pilgrimages to the tomb of Bar Yochai in northern Israel. This year, festivities took place all over Israel, including at CHW’s projects. I visited the Rose Dunkelman (Toronto) Daycare to dance and play with the children, who were so cute that I just had to film them!

CHW Hadassim: Israel Youth Awards

At CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village, students strive for success and their hard work is often recognized. Recently, a group of students at the school received the Israel Youth Award.

The Israel Youth Award is a self-development program for 14-25 year olds focusing on volunteerism, health and exercise, hobby development, and academics. CHW Hadassim offers this program to students who live in the dormitories at the Youth Village, as this program provides the framework for students to set goals for their academic future. The students spend over 20 hours a week fulfilling tasks for the program.

At a recent ceremony held at CHW Hadassim, 75 students were presented with Bronze and Silver Israel Youth Awards. Of these students, a group of grade 10 girls created a group for those who struggle with body image; to meet and talk in a safe environment. And a group of grade 11 boys came together to volunteer their time repairing broken bicycles for disabled children. 

World WIZO President, Tova Ben-Dov, and Chairperson of the Education Division, Dr. Carmela Dekel, were both present at the ceremony that honoured these excellent pupils. The values and lessons instilled in these students, as a result of the Israel Youth Award project, provides them with the life skills they will need in order to succeed in the future while having an active role in their community.

No city in the world, not even Athens or Rome, ever played as great a role in the life of a nation for so long a time, as Jerusalem has done in the life of Jewish people.
David Ben-Gurion
Jerusalem is a port city on the shore of eternity.
Yehuda Amichai, Israeli poet